Tuesday, 23 May 2017

TimeWatch Enemies - Henry "Long Ben" Every

Arguably the most successful pirate in history, Henry Every/Avery was born in the West Country of England and served in the Royal Navy until 1690, became a slave trader, returned to seamanship, and eventually mutinied in 1694. Stealing the ship Charles II (which he renamed the Fancy) he was voted as the captain and for two years made a number of successful piratical raids. In cooperation with several other pirate vessels, he assumed command of a raid against a 25-ship Grand Mughal convoy in 1695, successfully seizing the Fateh Muhammad and Gunsway after several hours of vicious hand-to-hand combat on deck. In the process, he had captured £600,000 in precious metals and jewels (the equivalent of over £57 million in today's currency!). Every and his crew then set upon the survivors of the vessels with horrible cruelty and rapine.

The raid so damaged relations between England and the Mughals that a huge bounty was placed upon Every and his men. They fled and split company, 24 being captured eventually, but Every eluded capture and seemed to vanish from all records. He now raids the timelines instead!

Wikipedia article on Henry Every HERE

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