Monday, 10 April 2017

Pugmire - New Weapons

So, with the final pdf of Pugmire now in the hands of backers, I'm happy to see many of the suggestions I made on tweaking and changing the weapon entries in the first round of backer feedback incorporated. Two changes didn't make it in though, so it's time for houserules and two new/replacement weapons!

1) The Dart has the same stats as the dagger, but cannot be used in melee and doesn't count as light making it woefully inferior. As darts were rarely ever used as weapons beyond the Roman plumbata and Greek kestros (which was thrown with a sling anyway) I'm ditching it and replacing it with:

One-Paw Crossbow (ammunition, ranged 20/60, light, loading) 1d6 piercing damage

2) The Trident is exactly the same as the common spear as presented, but is also a Martial Weapon, so essentially it's another inferior choice. Again, it was never really used outside of the Retiarius gladiator in Rome, so I'm replacing it with the much more likely Longspear (aka a Pike or Doru) as very long spear-like weapons were used throughout history in battles, as well as to hunt more dangerous prey in some nations. It makes makes a nice counterpart to the glaive and halberd and a clear step-up from the simple spear:

Longspear (reach, two-pawed) 1d10 piercing damage

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