Tuesday, 17 January 2017

TimeWatch Agent or Enemy - Dixie Bull "The Dread Pirate"

The subject of many ballads, Dixie sailed from London as the captain of a merchant ship in the 1630s and traded with the native tribes on the Maine coast of America. When the French attacked Castine Harbor, his ship and goods were all taken. Dixie promptly headed back to Boston, gathered a new crew and ship, and turned to the life of piracy that would make him legendary as "The Dread Pirate", including sacking Jamestown (Permaquid). No one really knows what happened to him at the end of his short piratical career. It is known that he eluded the armed naval expedition sent to arrest him as he headed for Virginia, a den of iniquity; some stories say he returned to England, others that he joined the French, others that he was hanged, and legend also has it that he buried treasure on islands in Casco Bay, Maine.

A potential TimeWatch recruit, albeit a ruthless one, or is he now pillaging the time lanes?

Dixie Bull on Wikipedia

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