Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Shadow of the Demon Lord - New Equipment

One of my Players has a religious character, and they decided they wanted to purchase some specialized equipment for certain rituals and the like. The items they wanted weren't in the core rulebook of Insupposable Instruments, so I whipped them up quickly. Nothing extensive enough for its own file, but I'll combine all the minor stuff into a single Miscellanea pdf some time in the future.

Item      Price      Availability
Ritual Mask        5 cp       U
Robe, Simple     5 cp       C
Robe, Expensive              5 ss        U
Item      Price      Availability
Brazier  2 cp       U
Censer  1 ss        U
Incense 5 cp       U
Ritual Chalice    3 cp       U

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