Thursday, 29 September 2016

Timewatch Agents - Hattie Lawton

A detective in the Pinkertons before and during the US Civil War, Hattie Lawton was part of the team that uncovered the alleged 1861 Baltimore assassination plot against President-elect Abraham Lincoln. She was also sent by Pinkerton, alongside colleague Timothy Webster, to pose as a married couple in Richmond and spy on the Confederates. When Lawton fell ill, she tended to him and continued her spying efforts alongside John Scobell, an African-American Union spy who posed as her servant. Sadly, due to Webster's illness, the due had not been able to send reports back to the agency, and so it sent two new agents, Pryce Lewis and John Scully, to find out what had happened. This second duo were recognised and captured, but sources indicate they blew the covers of Lawton and Webster who were duly arrested and convicted. Webster was executed and Lawton was released after a year in prison after which no further record of her exists. Outside of Timewatch recruitment anyway.

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