Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Shadow of the Demon Lord - Centaur Appearance

Although Riders of the Wind presents a table for a centaur's colour/marking, it doesn't present one for the appearance of the human torso and head. While you could use the table for human appearance in the SotDL core rulebook, I decided to create a table that was more distinctly centaur-based in approach:

3d6 Appearance
3-4 You are animalistic and wild in appearance. Your hair-like pelt covers your human body, your hair is a mane, and your features are crude and equine
5-7 You are somewhat brutish in appearance, covered in hair and with one or two horse-like features
8-13 You are sturdy and hirsute, an average centaur
14-16 You are considered attractive, possessing one or two appealing traits such as a fine coat or pleasing face
17-18 You are highly attractive, being well-proportioned, graceful in movement, and blessed with a lustrous coat, flowing hair and tail, and striking human features

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