Monday, 26 March 2018

Far Away Land RPG Revised Kickstarter!

So, I don't go in much for shilling, but my good friend +Dirk Stanley is running a Kickstarter for the revised Tome of Awesome (core rules of the Far Away Land RPG), plus a bunch of new supplements. It's a gonzo yet serious tabletop RPG that very simple to run and understand (I've run it with adults and kids), is great fun, very idiosyncratic, and is inspired by a lot of pop culture including (obviously) cartoons such as Adventure Time. Don't let the art fool you though; this is no kid's game, and it has a lot to offer adults, especially those with a taste for the quirky and strange.

There's just over two days left, so check it out if you haven't already! Dirk ALWAYS delivers, and early as well!

Far Away Land Revised Kickstarter!

Thursday, 15 March 2018

I... Live... AGAIN! Mutant Year Zero New Zealand Style!

It has been far, far too long since I updated this blog, but while life was hammering me, I have been busy with a little RPG-related creation too!

To make the best use of the excellent Mutant Year Zero RPG by Free League/Fria Ligan, and the standalone RPGs/supplements for it (Genlab Alpha and Mechatron, along with the five Zone Compendiums), I decided to go whole hog and make a very New Zealand-focused supplementary.

I turned Auckland into the Zone, did a lot of research in order to placing all the Special Zone Sectors where they best fit (either because there already was a building of that type present at a specific Auckland location, or because it made sense geographically to place it there). I then researched and wrote down the different types of ruins likely to be found at each given zone sector AND modified the Genlab Alpha tribes and species to account for New Zealand's much more restricted list of mammalian life.

Finally, I created a map of the Auckland Zone, accompanied by a smaller map that illustrates the broad environmental types to be found in the Auckland Zone:

Grab the Auckland Map and Genlab Alpha Notes
Grab the Auckland Zone Map
Grab the Auckland Environment Map

If you want the full-size 100mb Auckland Zone Map (suitable for printing out A3-A2 in size (I printed mine a bit bigger than A3), pop me a message and I'll set you up. 

Monday, 2 October 2017

Shadow of the Demon Lord - Names of Rul Expanded for Companion 2!

:cough: Excuse my workload-related dust...

Thanks again to +Robert Schwalb for providing me with the naming lists and details of all the new races in the forthcoming Demon Lord Companion 2, namely the Hamadryad, Molekin, Naga, Sylph, and Yerrath. Expanded random name lists for these, along with the Azhar (Freeport Salamanders) has now been added to the Names of Rul document, bringing it to 8 pages of random names!

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Monarchies of Mau - Random Cat Breed Families

Although the actual breed of a cat plays no mechanical role in Monarchies of Mau, it's fun to know what breed family your cat is from even if their allegiance lies with one of the major noble houses. To that end I've created a table of 50 cat breeds so that folks can roll for or pick an appropriate breed family.

You can grab it in the usual spot!

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Monarchies of Mau - Random Footpad, Mancer, and Wanderer Items

I've created random tables for generating the basic forms of the Footpad's valuable item, Mancer's bone focus, and Wanderer's musical instrument for the Monarchies of Mau RPG. Grab it in Some of My RPG Materials as normal.

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Pugmire and Monarchies of Mau Files Update

With the Monarchies of Mau Kickstarter underway and the Early Access available, I've updated several of my Pugmire downloads to reference Mau also, including adding a few distinct rules differences to how cat characters operate from MoM.

I'm also going to put together some files for Mau pretty soon including random generators for the appearance of a Mancer's bone focus and the form of the Footpad's expensive stolen item.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

TimeWatch Enemies - Henry "Long Ben" Every

Arguably the most successful pirate in history, Henry Every/Avery was born in the West Country of England and served in the Royal Navy until 1690, became a slave trader, returned to seamanship, and eventually mutinied in 1694. Stealing the ship Charles II (which he renamed the Fancy) he was voted as the captain and for two years made a number of successful piratical raids. In cooperation with several other pirate vessels, he assumed command of a raid against a 25-ship Grand Mughal convoy in 1695, successfully seizing the Fateh Muhammad and Gunsway after several hours of vicious hand-to-hand combat on deck. In the process, he had captured £600,000 in precious metals and jewels (the equivalent of over £57 million in today's currency!). Every and his crew then set upon the survivors of the vessels with horrible cruelty and rapine.

The raid so damaged relations between England and the Mughals that a huge bounty was placed upon Every and his men. They fled and split company, 24 being captured eventually, but Every eluded capture and seemed to vanish from all records. He now raids the timelines instead!

Wikipedia article on Henry Every HERE